Wednesday, October 2, 2013

And There Are Angels

Life is crazy busy lately, so I will have a shorter post today.  But the length of the post in no way diminishes the importance, because this post is about angels.  And by angels, I am not speaking about the winged ones or about hot fictional angels... or Angel (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer... although if I think too long about the lovely Angel, then I start thinking about Spike, and I will forget what this post is actually about).  Focus... focus... okay, I’m back.  The angels I am writing about today are the ones who exist in the real world, the people we encounter along our paths who are the angels in our lives.

It is so easy for writers to feel low about this mostly solitary path with so many pitfalls and doubts, but our angels are the ones who keep us going during the bleak periods.  Some of these angels are members of our families and some are trusty friends who stay up all night before a release date, reading the book one more time to be sure it is ready (yes, I have that friend).  Some are just kind people we meet along the way who get jazzed about our endeavors (met one last night, who was completely excited that I write and wrote down the title of my books so that she could read them... and she really liked my puppy who is without doubt the cutest boy ever, see picture below).

And some angels are people who know more about some aspects of the writing journey than some writers do (myself definitely included).  This particular angel is a book blogger who offered to read indie published books and was excited when I offered to send her mine.  She read it, loved it, reviewed it.  Then she did the same for the second book.  About that time, I mentioned that I hadn’t done much to get my book out there (because I am still clueless and working too many jobs that if I take the time to learn right now, I won’t make my insane publishing deadlines... and thinking about marketing leads to some uncomfortable combustion in my cerebral cortex).  So this angel whom I stumbled upon by chance offered to put together a book blog tour for me and helped me introduce my book to new readers.  The blog tour was fun and if you are interested in reading the reviews, you can check out the blogs with reviews here.  It was a fantastic experience and I am very grateful to an angel named Tiffany Mahaffy.  Thanks so much, Tiff!

It is too easy to get down about the hardships, and I think we all need to look around more often to see the blessings.  Happy IWSG day to everyone, and check out the other participating blogs here.  And there is now an IWSG website as well... here.  IWSG is an amazing group that lets people in all creative pursuits know that they are not alone with all of the ups and downs inherent in any epic quest.  Good luck to everyone... and watch out for dragons (because they are pretty, of course).


Liza said...

This was an inspiring post. I'm glad you found help getting your story out there. This is a nice reminder how many good folks are out there!

Linda King said...

Hello - good to 'meet' you via IWSG. Your puppy is heart-melting! I have many angels in my life and try to be one myself. A lovely post!