Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Other Shore: An IWSG Post

I am feeling pretty great about the world right now.  I know there are terrible things happening and plenty to worry about, but today (and actually this week), I’m in my happy place, riding on a wave of hope about almost everything.  And the reason?  Diana Nyad and her epic journey to reach the other shore.  She did it.  A 64-year-old woman who had been trying to reach this goal for more than 30 years reached her other shore. I watched the (craptastic) live footage as she neared the shore (was worried more than once that some drunk jet skier might mow her down just before she reached land) and swore a bit about the epic news media fail that was the end of her journey (and yes, the news media has jumped on board in a mighty way... and they are all showing the exact same footage because no one decided to get off their behinds and go film the epic conclusion to her journey... you know, an inspiring moment rather than something to depress us all).  But all of that aside, her journey has inspired me to look at my own in a different way, a kinder way.

Diana talks about never giving up on your dreams, about never being too old to achieve them, and that solitary dreams are team efforts (I certainly know that with the amount of wonderful people who help me get my books ready for publishing).  She talks about these things and you see not just her truth, but the way her truth applies to all of us.

I am so grateful that my epic dream to be a successful author is completely free of sharks, jellyfish, and rough seas (yes, thank you to the powers that be who chose this mostly safe endeavor to be my dream).  When Diana talked about chasing dreams, I felt so amazingly good.  I am in my goal, have been for the past five years, and have three published books to show for it.  My books are currently being reviewed by some great book bloggers and so far the feedback has been wonderful (to see the reviews, check out this link and this one).  I am in my epic journey.  I am moving in the right direction.  I just need to keep going.  For writers, our other shore isn’t as easily or tangibly defined as the sand of Key West, but our other shore is out there and means something different to each of us. I would like to be able to work less than eighty hours a week to make my publishing dreams come true, but for now, this is what I have to do (and am still really glad about the no jellyfish thing).

For writers (who are also readers), it is so easy to get impatient, to look at our journeys and say, “I should be there by now.”  Sure, we know that Frodo didn’t just teleport to Mount Doom and chuck the One Ring into the fire.  No, he had to get there and that was a huge part of his journey, and yet how many of us would get in that teleporter right now and arrive when we have really arrived and skip over all of this seemingly bumbling around in the dark, hoping for a happy ending?

But Diana Nyad reminded us all of what a goal looks like, of what the hard work and sacrifice it takes to reach the other shore look like.  I needed the reminder.  I am about to ramp up to get the fourth book in my series ready to publish in December.  It will take sacrificing my time that I could spend seeing friends and relaxing, cleaning my house, and pursuing the many other goals lining up on my list.  It takes sacrifice because it is my epic goal.

And if I forget and fade back into Feel Sorry For Myself land, I at least have many video reminders of the lesson that is inspiring this fabulous week.  If you haven't seen Diana's story, check this out:

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S. L. Hennessy said...

She was so inspiring, wasn't she? And here I thought I was undertaking a tough challenge. Nope - hers was worse! I'm so glad that people like her can inspire us to dream. Keep writing. One day you could inspire someone as she did!

Happy two years IWSG!

Kim Dobson said...
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Kim Dobson said...

Life - I think is about inspiring each other to reach our Other Shores. Sometimes we know where we are going and other times we must wander through the deserts of life in order to reach our Other Shore. I am looking forward to your fourth book and Following you to your Other shore.

We may never know what we say or do in life to inspire others. Sometimes it's as simple as "Hi".

Rachna Chhabria said...

Diana Nyad sounds like an insprational person. Thanks for sharing this post.

MollyMom103 said...

I'm glad that some people never get too old. That gives me tons of hope. Thank you for sharing.
Happy IWSG Birthday!

Jai said...

It really was an inspirational story. I too am glad that there are no sharks swimming around my desk.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Her journey was amazing. I'm in shape but I feel like a slug next to her. Really amazing.
With my third book coming out soon, I have reached my shore. Time for a new swim.