Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Time: An IWSG Post

I only have time for a short post for this month’s IWSG (check out the master list of participating blogs here), but even that is a perfect example of what is troubling me today.  Time.  Stinking time.  Never enough.  Always running out.  Lately, because life, work, and a new (adorable!) puppy have kept me so busy, finding time to write has been a true struggle.  Without writing, I get cranky (picture an unhinged alligator type of cranky) and life loses its sparkle (the puppy does have some sparkle of his own, but still).  I know the writers reading this understand how vital experiencing the writing connection is to a person who is wired that way.

Last night, I had a mini breakdown, because I only had a bit of time to write and tried to get to it like jumping off a two-story house onto a horse’s back and expecting things to go smoothly.  I wrote.  The words came. But I wasn’t on the right path at all.  And then I got frustrated.  Maybe shed a few tears.  Went and let the dog out.  And came back in to do what I should have done from the start.  Take a deep breath.  Review what I wrote the day before, tweaking here and there, and then easing into the story.  It worked out much better for me, but I didn’t get as much done as I wanted because I was exhausted and had to get to sleep.

I’ve always been driven in a way that made time my enemy, as though 115 years wouldn’t be enough for me to do all I want to do.  And I have other goals beyond writing.  I tried to start some of them recently and made it two weeks before coming to terms with the fact that I simply can’t add anything else right now without running myself ragged (something I am frequently guilty of... I published two books last year, and am set to do the same this year).  I want to push hard.  I want to see this series through.  I want so very many things, and waiting and obeying the constructs of time really pisses me off.

Just saying.

So, for all of the obsessed work-a-holics out there, I feel your pain and know that I am not the only one who has been burning the candle at both ends for so long that it’s a good thing my light comes from a bulb and a switch.

I hope everyone finds the time to experience the best of what writing can be and appreciates all the moments that are so blessed. 

And to improve everyone's day, meet Mr. Gilbert (name inspired by Anne of Green Gables).


Jemi Fraser said...

Mr. Gilbert Blythe is adorable!!! He'll bring you lots of joy I know :)

There truly never is enough time! I think that's the sign of a healthy, fully lived life ... at least thinking that makes me feel better! :)

M Pax said...

Aww, cute puppy. And love the name!

I get cranky if I don't write, too. It gets frustrating at times. Remember we can always fix it. :) That's the great part.

Jill Haugh said...

I just got a new puppy too! ARe you having a mid-life crisis as well?
Ahhh. I sense blogs about dogs...
Best of luck!
~Just Jill

Tiffany H said...

Such a cute puppy! :) New follower! Hello! :D