Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It Is Time To Enter.... The Downs

The second book in the Sevens series called The Downs is now available on Amazon (first book in the series is called The Wild Wood).

A little bit about The Downs:

In The Wild Wood, Cecily Daye discovered who she was, embraced the trails she was born to endure, and emerged with a power unrivaled in the world.  The moment Cecily came into her true power, the world changed.  Every living being felt the surge, the awakening of a power that could destroy all life.  Both friends and enemies look upon her with suspicion and wonder if she will use her power for justice instead of treachery.  As beings—men, mystics, and monsters—scramble for more power to offset the limitless will of Cecily Daye, one force—the Source—understands the mistake of her birth, the mistake that can be undone.  While her friends and boyfriend battle the horrors awakened by her existence, Cecily stands alone facing the Source.  But Cecily's greatest foe is the question she holds deep within her heart: should she even be allowed to exist?  Enter The Downs.

And if you haven't yet read The Wild Wood, here is a little more information.

In the town of Dunlowe, being different can be deadly.  No one knows this better than the seven girls born on the exact same day, at the exact same time.  From birth, they've been feared, judged, and controlled.  And yet, still loved by their families.  Still hoping for a future.  Still believing that acceptance would one day come.  As their seventeenth birthday approaches, events occur that leave Cecily Daye and the other girls grasping with the possibility that their oppressors might have been right about them all along.  Maybe they are as evil as the town has believed.  But without an answer, they must make a choice when the town turns on them: to die or to run to the one place no person would follow—they must enter The Wild Wood.

From Kirkus Reviews

"A suspenseful story about friends, family and sacrifice... The town of Dunlowe, shivering under Pastor Rowe's rule, is sufficiently enigmatic—not to mention terrifying—to create suspense and deliver thrills."

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Jemi Fraser said...

YAY!!!! I downloaded my copy!!! Hopefully I'll have some reading time over the holidays - can't wait!