Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This Morning

Today's post is about sharing something about myself, so I am going to share the realization I had this morning.  First though, I know that even when we have an epiphany, it doesn't mean we've achieved inner peace, it is just one piece on a long road toward growth (something I love, as stagnation is my greatest enemy).  I just wanted to add that caveat because too often we look across fences and see what others claim to feel without understanding that they don't necessarily feel that way every single day.  With that said, let me tell you about this morning.

It was a good morning.  I woke before my alarm and used the stolen minutes to read some of a romance novel series that I'm going through like wildfire (stolen reading time is one of my favorite things).  And then I got up, let the dogs out, and fed them (they get so excited to eat that you'd think I'd been starving them for months).  I exercised (a tiny bit) and then got ready for work.  All of this seems pretty mundane, but it was pleasant.  And just before leaving for work, while wearing a pretty dress (I have big love for pretty dresses), I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that I am happy with where I am in my life, who I am, what I am achieving, and wouldn't choose to trade with anyone else.  That's big for me, because I sometimes look over fences at the people who have the things I don't (both on a personal level, as well as a literary one) and want to be where they are.  I always wanted the agent, the book deal, and all the validation that implies.  Self-publishing wasn't the way my dream ever looked.  But this morning's clarity really wasn't about book deals or the lack thereof, it was about me.  Who I am at my core.  It was about acceptance of the pretties and the uglies inside us all.  And it was wonderful.

So, that is my About Me for today.  May everyone have cause to smile on a Tuesday morning in May.

The trailer for my YA debut, The Wild Wood, available June 29, 2012.


Kat Morrisey said...

I love what you said about "acceptance of the pretties and the uglies inside us all." That was powerful, and inspiring! Hope your day was a great one!

Dana said...

Beautiful post!