Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday: About Writing

Monday's topic is about writing, and I was thinking about this post while I was editing this weekend.  My book is in the finishing stretch (thank goodness since it is coming out June 29, 2012) and as I go through and make minor reader-inspired tweaks, reviewing these words for the billionth time, I am reminded of exactly why this was the book that refused to be put away forever just because it didn't find a traditional publishing home.  Even after all this, two complete rewrites, changes, two years set aside and then revisited, I still love it.  It still moves me.  I still cry at the end, happy tears.  My characters are real to me, and thankfully, to my readers who have been pestering me to do something with this book and write the sequel (or get buried up to my neck until I do, thanks, Tawny).  This story needs to live, and it is for this story that I am crossing the barrier I never thought I would cross.  I never intended to self-publish.  I planned to just keep writing and submitting first books (everything I write is a series, so far anyway) until I found an agent and hopefully got a book deal.  But The Wild Wood forced my hand and now I'm on a terrifyingly wonderful adventure.

So, I guess what this post is about as far as writing is concerned is the beauty of reading your own words and having them draw out of you a response when by rights you should be over them after the years of work and endless edits.  I'm not over The Wild Wood, and I hope readers feel the same way.

The trailer for my YA debut, The Wild Wood, available June 29, 2012.

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Patti said...

I know how you feel. I was just reading through my book that I've been working on forever and fell in love with it again.

Your trailer looks great and I love the premise.