Thursday, August 18, 2011

Benevolent Nostalgia Day

One morning recently, I woke with a strange sense of nostalgia, warm and light-hearted nostalgia for all the people who have shared my life. Memories circled of times I hadn’t thought of in years, of people who at varying points have been extremely close to me but now aren’t. Old loves. Friends. Even enemies. People who have both built me up and torn pieces away. And about all of them, I thought only kind things.

In the past, accusing me of holding on to old wounds with a fiery vengeance would have been fair, but in recent years, the slights don’t matter as much. The hiccups along the road only serve to flavor life, not taint it. We truly have the chance to free ourselves of the weight of these long gone wounds. We have more power inside us than all the X-Men put together (more than even Buffy and the Terminator), because we have the power to let go of what needs letting go and hold tightly to that which can lift us and our loved ones.

So, for today, which I have dubbed Benevolent Nostalgia Day, join me in sending warmth and love to the people who for whatever reason walked a while in our lives. I’m not sure they can really feel it, but I’m sure we are better for sending it.

Quote for the Day from Lao Tzu

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”


Debra Lazar Schubert said...

Once again, you nailed it. And the Lao Tzu quote? I'm putting it on the cork board in front of my desk. Love you x infinity.

wv: "mildest" Maybe that fits in with the post. Be gentler (milder) to those who have wronged you. Hmm...

Liza said...

Wonderful. I'm in.