Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Snowflakes Everywhere

You are a snowflake. Yup, you really are. One in a million... no billion... no infinity-ion. That’s right. There has never been, nor will there ever be, another you. Or another me. And that rocks, but there is also some pressure too. If you are the only one who can ever be you, then you better be doing a good job. Right? Makes sense.

We are all snowflakes, and yet it is clear to me through my own journey and the journeys of my friends that even though we are unique in this world, the world presents us with some very similar stories. Loss. Yup, not one of us is getting through this life without experiencing true loss. Maybe we’ll get lucky and not experience the very worst of suffering like a friend of mine did last year—the loss of her child. But we will know loss. We all will be blitzed by some unexpected hardship. The loss of a job. A relationship. Something. We will be let down. Certainly the writers know this. Stacks of rejections tell us so. And we will see our expectations for life obliterated. None of us thought that this was how our life would look when every milestone lived somewhere over that distant horizon.

There are so many facets of my life that are anything but how I would have designed them, and truly, I am better for it. What can we possibly learn if life doesn’t give us the hiccups, if everything goes “romantic comedy” smoothly with a bow-like ending? Life and real living means struggling to make the right decisions and more than occasionally tripping over our good intentions. Life is about the struggle and the people we become from walking through the fire. Shaping ourselves as much as life shapes us. Like a steel blade, we hold ourselves to the burning, never giving up and always continuing. Because even though we are unique in this world, we are never alone in this journey, because we walk together.

So, no matter what challenges are dragging their way through your life, just keep going. And reach out a hand when you need one. I promise, there’s always a snowflake at the ready to hear you, see you, and know you.

So, here’s to us, putting the flake in snowflake and making our lives incredible simply but living them.

Quote for the Day from Rodney Atkins

“But the good news

Is there’s angels everywhere out on the street

Holding out a hand to pull you back up on your feet...”

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Debra L. Schubert said...

You always strike a chord with me in your posts, and I love you for it. Snowflakes or a**clowns, we are definitely all in this together. ;-))