Thursday, September 2, 2010

Three Entries for Kiersten White's Paranormalcy Contest

For those of you who haven't heard, and if you haven't then please let me share, that the lovely Kiersten White's first YA novel Paranormalcy came out on Tuesday. That's right, it's in the world. The real question is: is it in your house? If not, a disturbance in the Force is likely. Protect yourself and your loved ones; go get Paranormalcy at all possible speed (but don't actually speed, cause that's dangerous).

Kiersten's having a little contest over at her blog, and I don't normally get into contests (chronically the anti-lucky), but this one was too zany to ignore. Also, Kiersten's warmth and fun, even in the midst of the struggles of life and the publishing industry, just make her the kind of person it's fun to root for. And boy have I been rooting! Friends are being given demerits for slow book procurement (and I'm pretty handy with the guilt too). Oh, and I've been accused of being sadistic as well because when one friend didn't get herself to the store, I told her I'd kill off her favorite character in one of my books. So, maybe I have power issues too, but ah well, the world of blogging has created some amazing friendships for me and in the case of Kiersten, some powerful loyalty and admiration! :)

Okay, the contest: show Paranormalcy out in the world doing new things.

Well, here you go.

Entry One: Paranormalcy Fighting the Good Fight... Against Evil Dentists (okay, my dentist is much too sweet to be evil... but really, look at the size of that needle!)

As much as Paranormalcy tried to stop the impending pain and agony, we eventually did rally our courage and allow dentistry to happen. But Paranormalcy was really with me in my hour of need, and I'll never forget that. (I'll never quit you, Paranormalcy!) :)

Something to understand before scrolling down:

Discerning Border Collies Choose Paranormalcy.

Just look...

Entry Two: (and yes, Darby forced me to buy him a copy so that we wouldn't have to share. He still says he's giving it to his girlfriend, even though I keep telling him that she's not a border collie and consequently can't read. He answered that she's a hot momma and he can read it to her... slowly, while she whispers adoring little things in his ears).

Darby and Paranormalcy are checking out the Bookshelf of Honor for Paranormalcy's new home. Hmm... next to Twilight? The Summoning? City of Bones? Ohhhh... there's Shiver... maybe there...

Entry Three: During a recent video chatting session, Darby told my mother's border collie, Jennie Mae Little Bit, how amazing Paranormalcy is, and she had to get in on the action. Read her review below.

"Next to herding sheep (which is the definition of all that is good and worthy in the world), Paranormalcy rocks... like two border collies taking on a pack of wolves while herding a bunch of brainless sheep. Really rocks, like the laser pointer or the sprinkler... or even herding flies. And don't get me started on agility class. I'm telling all you border collies out there, get with the program. Paranormalcy will change your life. Oh, bleep, it's time for me to help old ladies cross the street and tutor honor students... and maybe remind my mom that it's time for my belly rub and a few extra kibbles... gotta go."

Well, there you have it.

Quote for the Day from Jennie Mae Little Bit

Paranormalcy will change your life." Enough said. :)


Frankie said...

On behalf of border collies everywhere: Thank you for not putting a bandana on Darby.

Debra L. Schubert said...

This post is BEYOND!! Kiersten, if you're listening, I believe you have your winner. ;-)

Kiersten White said...

How much fun was this to wake up to??

Love, love, love.

Thank you, Julie!

prernatutors said...

hi i like the blog very much.

Jemi Fraser said...

Awesome!! Love your photos - and that ending quote - fabulous :) Good luck with the contest!

Julie said...


You know you are just jealous and you really don't need to be a hater. Just ask Ang for a bandana and wear it with pride. :)

Julie said...


Thanks for the support! I've got my eye on the prize!

Okay, well, I had so much fun putting this together that winning is really secondary. Besides, Darby and I are both finished with Paranormalcy, loved it, and keep bleeping at each other and then cracking up. Good times. :)

Julie said...


Thanks for stopping by the blog, for writing such an enjoyable book, and for coming up with a wacky contest. You rock!

Julie said...



Julie said...


Thanks, and you are always safe quoting border collies... their wisdom is sound and usually involves sheep. Who could beat that?