Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Grand Central Station

As my writer friends know, I’ve usually got more than one story going at the same time. Whether I’m writing, planning, marketing, dreaming, pining, or editing, my head usually can wrap around a passel of fictional worlds with no problem. I even wrote two books at the same time, alternating days (although one did shove the other out when things got too exciting to walk away from). So, normally, many stories in play is a good thing. But since I finished my unexpected revision of the novel I’m marketing and meandered back to the rewrite of another story, I’ve been feeling a little like I’m standing in Grand Central Station, right there on the platform, waiting for the train... that’s just not showing up.

I reread the 120 pages I’d written to get caught up and I enjoyed them, but I didn’t latch on to the story like I normally do. I’ve got some ideas about the cause of the disconnect. Exhaustion might be a possibility, as I am a workaholic. It also might be possible that I’m not over being smitten with the new revision I recently finished. I stare longingly at it, over my shoulder where it needs to live so that I can face this other story world. And I’m wondering if this is like when you can’t comprehend accepting the date with the really nice guy, because the echoes of the last boyfriend linger too strongly. Maybe.

Or, and this is where I hear my mother, maybe I just need to grasp the story by the bootstraps (or myself... I never did understand that expression), and start throwing words on the page until they make sense. In other words (and similes), maybe I need to accept that the train I’m waiting for isn’t coming, the story has changed just as I have during our time apart, and catch the train that comes along and see where it leads me.

That sounds good. Got any other ideas?

Quote for the Day from The Princess Bride (Yeah, I’m on a Princess Bride kick)

“Have fun storming the castle!”


Debra L. Schubert said...

Great post, and I love that quote! I've been thinking about you SO much lately. We have to catch up SOON!!!

Kasie West said...

Yes, grab it by the bootstraps. Don't let that story control you. You are in control. :)

Jemi Fraser said...

I can't imagine working on more than 2 at a time (1 writing/1 revising) - and even then I prefer just one.

Good luck with it - it'll come to you :)