Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Funny Little Moment in Writing

Well, the revision is ongoing. Mz. SuperFabulous performed the re-read and gave me my marching papers to clear up one bit of plot and, more importantly, weave a thread through the tapestry of the story to create more of a connection between a couple main characters. By hook or by crook, this project is heading out to the awaiting agents by the weekend. I’m sure I will be fiddling with it for a while, but this not-so-baby bird has a date with destiny.

But I have another writing moment to share that occurred while making my favorite wheat bread (really, it is the best thing since the invention of words). I had my laptop situated happily on the counter so that I could catch up with the TV shows I both love and neglect. And while watching the May 13th episode of Grey’s Anatomy, a specific story line grabbed me (and no it didn’t involve the inner angsty drama among the relationship-diseased main characters). The plot involved a teenaged patient with a condition for which her family was about to commit her. I was riveted by the plot of the story, but mostly by the fantastic actress. After finishing the show and continuing to be impressed, I watched that story line again, and again. And it finally struck me. The thing I was connecting with is that the actress Demi Lovato is a living, breathing version of a character from one of my series of books. She could walk in and be my character. The moment made me smile and also made me wonder if you have found the person who could so beautifully live your words.

Take a look at her talent here.


Jemi Fraser said...

That's so cool! I haven't seen my characters anywhere yet - but I'll keep looking :)

Good luck with your submitting too!

Kasie West said...

I was wondering how Demi Lovato would do on Grey's. I don't watch Grey's, but I have seen Demi on many a Disney channel show. She normally plays the cheesy, always smiling, nice girl, so I wondered if she could pull off "crazy". I'm glad she did.

I haven't found my perfect character in 3 dimensional form, but maybe one day.