Monday, December 7, 2009

A Bouquet on the First Snowy Day

Sandra Leigh, over at Amazing Voyages of the Turtle, was kind enough to send me this little bouquet, which smells a whole lot like the cinnamon tea I'm drinking in case you wondered. What a treat, especially since I've felt like a neglectful blogger of late. The holiday-induced fugue state seems to be negatively affecting my ability to focus, or at least sit down for more than a few seconds put together. But now is the time. The carpet has been shampooed, check. The tree, up. The sheets, washed. The company countdown clock is sounding a lot like those T-minus warnings when the space shuttle lifts off. And I am ready for a new blog post.

Okay, so the rules. Seven things you don't know about me, and pass the award on to seven other lovely bloggers. Here goes.

About Me:

1. I used to rock climb... in the winter (I know, cold, dangerous, and complete with frozen gear. I'm older and wiser now, mostly).

2. Somewhere, in a box probably, I still have my life expectations for 1985 that included getting married to John Taylor of Duran Duran. Poor man would have been arrested, but it all made sense to me at the time.

3. I had a major tree-preparation style error when I purchased a white Christmas tree yesterday, only to get it home and start to put it up and realize that all of my ornaments, and even some of the lights, are snowmen. It looked like I was going for a camouflaged snowmen motif. Seriously, stylish-istas, nothing popped. And back to the store I went.

4. And after yesterday's decoration disaster, I counted myself as blessed that two of my dearest friends in the world are Jewish, since I'm thinking that for Christmas next year, I am running away to the beach with one of them.

5. I make some of the best healthy whole wheat bread that the world has ever experienced, and sharing is difficult. :)

6. If I could only hear one song over and over again for the rest of my life, today that song would be Moon and Moon, by Bat for Lashes. It is hauntingly beautiful.

7. And last but not least, one of the high points of my year was meeting my new mini BFF, Devyn (Debbie's new niece). Big thanks to her mom for allowing the introduction, and to all of Debbie's family for making me feel very welcome. I still want to know how a certain art project did.

Now, to share the virtual bouquet with others:

1. Debbie over at Write on Target deserves passels of bouquets, since this is decidedly a big year for her. Thanks for always being there for me and sharing your amazing journey (and that wonderful family of yours).

2. To Kasie West, who continually provides needed levity to my days, I bestow a bouquet. And I did see New Moon, based on your recommendation, and all I can say is, "Yummy!" I did not become a shape-shifting werewolf type, of which I am not certain whether to be elated or depressed. :)

3. For introducing me to SHIVER and providing many other wonderful book recommendations, I send a bouquet to Suzie Townsend at Confessions of a Wandering Heart. Keep up the great work, because I am always looking for a new favorite (though SHIVER is still the reigning champion for this year).

4. I found Tricia's amazing blog because of a hysterical comment she made on Kasie's blog that caused hot tea to seek exits other than the intended path down my throat. (How's that for an embarrassing confession, but her shock collars for werewolves comments were really that funny.) And if that doesn't deserve a bouquet, I just don't know what does.

5. Caroline's blog is a pretty recent find, and I am loving it and her perspective on books and the publishing experience. By the way, I just finished GRACELING (loved it) and am reading FIRE now (it's amazing, and those two books will provide the substance of my next blog post, in case you are interested).

6. Another very enjoyable blog that deserves a hefty bouquet is Melissa's Chasing the Dream blog. I love her way of looking at the writing process and her clear devotion to her characters.

7. And last but not least, a bouquet filled with lots of love and warmth, I hereby bestow upon the ever-neglected and abused Laptop, Kiersten White's computer. She uses him like a workhorse, but never shows him any fun. Too bad there isn't an equivalent of PETA for me to rat her out to (I would, I seriously would). Be well and happy, Laptop, and know that a beautiful life awaits you (but I suggest you keep working right or your cruel master might pitch you for a newer and shinier model. ;)

Quote for the Day from Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen


Laptop said...

The worst part of all is that, even though she REPLACED me, she STILL USES ME. It's not enough to just let me retire in peace.

Still, I'm glad that there are writers out there wise enough to recognize my genius.

DebraLSchubert said...

First of all, Laptop: I LOVE YOU!!! You know there's always room on my lap for a hunk like you.

Secondly, thanks, Julie! I'm honored to be part of such a talented group, and I especially love getting flowers. (Even though it doesn't happen too often. Honey, are you listening? *cough* *cough*)

I also love being your maxi BFF and was thrilled to share my family with you. Devyn adores you. I know this because she texts me about it at least five times a day. (She's really prolific that way.) ;-)

Jemi Fraser said...

Congrats! I really, really love the idea of a camo-tree :) Hysterical!

And I think I'd really like some of that bread! Thanks for the links to some great sounding blogs :)

Kasie West said...

Thanks for the award. That made my day. I enjoy your blog as well. And I'm so glad you loved New Moon. In the end, I too, I was quite disappointed that I didn't get attacked.

I'm also glad you've discovered Tricia. I'm lucky enough to know her in "real" life. And she's just as funny in person as she is on her blog. (We're in a local writer's group together)

Caroline Starr Rose said...

Thank you so much, Julie. I love your blog, too. You have a bright future ahead of you. I can just tell.

As for FIRE tomorrow, I will make a point NOT to stop by, as I haven't picked it up yet. :)

Melissa said...

Thank you for the blog award, Julie! The flowers are beautiful.

# 3 was hilarious. I can just picture the camo tree. My husband would appreciate that:)

Tricia said...

Thank you Julie (and Kasie, too, for the compliment. You are awesome). I'm glad we discovered each other.

Funny, but I had the same white-tree-clear-ornament fiascal. So what did I do, you ask? I kept the white tree and bought red ornaments and then bought a green tree and now I have twice as many of everything--two trees crammed in my house.

Julie said...

Dearest and Most Respected Laptop,

We are all pulling for you. But I worry that with talent like yours, retirement, with its golf outings, hotties, and drinks with colorful umbrellas, might not be enough for you. And Kiersten clearly needs you, so hang in there.

Julie said...


I'm thinking that if one of my mercenary characters had a little talk with Chuck, that flower thing might get taken care of. Consider. I'm certain they would be gentle.

Love ya!

Julie said...


The camo tree made me laugh out loud at myself. Those moments are truly priceless. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

Julie said...


You know, this isn't our only chance to get turned into werewolves... there's always ECLIPSE... BREAKING DAWN... SHIVER...

There's always hope.

Julie said...


I promise not to give any major spoilers about FIRE in my post, especially since the topic is also related to opinions of companion books. But definitely add FIRE to your list. I finished it today and I say, "WOW."

Julie said...


I say truly, if you and your husband yearn for the camo tree, it only takes a few steps. A pre-lit white tree (with white lights no less). White lights shaped like snowmen. A passel of snowmen ornaments. And you will have your very own Where's Waldo-esque Tree. At least this way, the snowmen have less worries of being sniped by unfriendlies. Who knew that Christmas could be so dangerous? :)

Julie said...


Very interesting way to double your holiday cheer. I guess I am a bit of a "bah humbug" since I have a one-tree-only policy in my house. I am glad to know that I am not the only person with questionable tree decorating instincts. Maybe they will grow with time. I am a bit smitten with my tree now. :)

Caroline Starr Rose said...

Hi Julie,
Stop by today! I have a little something for you...

Susan Quinn said...

Hi! I stopped by, via Carline's blog, and noticed you're a YA writer. I love the idea of a first-draft-a-thon! I just finished the first draft of a YA novel, although I've primarily been writing MG science fiction. I can't decide which age level I like most.

Good luck with your writing and seeking representation! I'm hoping to start my agent search in the New Year.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Congrats on your award. I found you at Caroline's blog and came to say hi! ;-)

Julie said...


Welcome to the blog and thanks for the good wishes. And good luck to you on the agent search! I say, write everything you want and see where you fall in the grand scheme of things. It's less stressful that way. :)

Julie said...


Thanks so much for the award and for bringing new people to my blog! :)

Julie said...


Thanks so much for dropping by. Isn't Caroline wonderful! I love her blog and it made me smile to see my name on a blog I admire. :)

Caroline Starr Rose said...

You're so welcome, and you're wonderful right back.

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